LongHash Crypto Festival Berlin

October 26th - 29th, Berlin

26th OCT
6:30pm - 10:00pm
Magazin in der Heeresbäckerei: Köpenicker Str. 16/17, 10997 Berlin

27th OCT 8:00am -
28th OCT 8:00pm
Rent24 Co-working: Oberwallstr. 6, 10117 Berlin

29th OCT
6:30pm - 9:00pm
Innogy Innovation hub: Friedrichstr. 95, 10117 Berlin


LongHash is a platform for accelerating the development and understanding of Blockchain technology.

LongHash Data and Media

LongHash Data journalism platform will help you understand cryptocurrency through a combination of data analysis and narrative storytelling. We welcome serious investors as well as newcomers who want to understand what the blockchain hype is about. Our analysis will be original, independent, and global.

LongHash Incubators

LongHash Incubators will provide a full range of support for start-ups working on blockchain-related projects. We plan to open incubators in at least ten cities in the United States, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Our incubators will help us gather data on cutting-edge technologies and industry trends, both locally and internationally. Our first incubator launched at WeWork (Ark Hills South) in Tokyo, Japan.

Cryptic Labs

Cryptic Labs Is An Innovative Commercial Lab And Accelerator Focused On Solving Fundamental Problems In Security, Privacy And Trust To Advance The Viability And Growth Of The Blockchain.

Up to 130 ETH in total prizes!

On top of the 55 ETH that can be won by the Hackathon’s top teams, each topic will have a specific prize equivalent of 15 ETH for the team who has best solve the challenge. A total equivalent amount of 75 ETH can be won through impressive and successful responses to the topics! We will also provide meals and event gifts to all participants.


James Gongin
Co-Founder of LongHash and Founder of Cybex
Popular blockchain KOL, Early bitcoin believer & investor,Founder of ICOAGE Founder of Longhash & CYBEX Author of several blockchain books.
YanFeng Chenin
Co-Founder of LongHash, Co-Founder of Cybex and CEO of NBL Trust
Leading the team to build WOOKONG, the first multi-signature hardware cold wallet for various currencies, and co-founded Cybex, the decentralized Exchange, and LongHash data media platform.
Emily Parkerin
Co-Founder of LongHash
Author, Former Wall Street Journal, New York Times, US State Department, Chief Strategy Officer at Silicon Valley start-up Parlio.
Humphrey Polanenin
Managing Director of CrypticLabs
Blockchain Security Accelerator Cofounder and Managing Director
Steven Puin
Founder of Taraxa
IoT and healthcare entrepreneur, strategy consultant; LinkSens, EviPath, Monitor Deloitte; Stanford University BS & MS in EE.
Remington Ongin
Partner, Fenbushi Capital
Partner at Fenbushi Capital, advisor to Blockasset. He has over 10 years of experience in investment banking and private equity in China, including as an investment banker covering Asia TMT at Merrill Lynch and as a management consultant at L.E.K. Consulting. Remington graduated with an MBA from INSEAD and a BS in Electrical Engineering from UCLA
Ralf Kubliin
Director of CV VC (formerly Lakeside Partners)
Ralf Kubli started with gopher and html in the early days. He then worked in aerospace, automotive and chemicals before returning to tech with an AI enterprise software startup. Ralf has been in crypto and blockchain since 2015. He is excited for decentralization and the community in the Crypto Valley.
Co-founder, marketing expert, and growth master of The 8760 based in Kyiv, Ukraine.
Ukraine. Miyutin successfully helped with closing following ICOs: Populous, Crypto20, Current.us helping them to raise over 150mn USD. Formerly a UX Consultant, Growth Hacker in Evoplay, Kyiv, Ukraine, CEO & Product Manager of internal project Holibody in Yandex, Moscow, Russia.
Managing partner
Managing partner at «the 8760» growth strategy consulting firm. Vast knowledge of requirement analysis, product management and user experience design received throughout the years of working with the big four, corporate clients and venture capital funded startups.


October 26

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Door Open and Registration


Welcome from LongHash


Welcome Speech from Dr. Rainer Seider, Head of Unit International Cooperation, Senate Department for Economy, Energy and Businesses


Keynote Speech from Jan Liphardt, Associate Professor at Stanford University and founder of Stanford Distributed Trust Initiative


Keynote Speech: "WooKong, first multi-sig hardware cold wallet" from Yanfeng Chen, Co-Founder of LongHash and Cybex and CEO of NBL trust


Presentation from our portfolio companies (Cybex, eNotes, everiToken, MXC, Genesis Space and Vidy)


Hacakthon Challenges annoucement


Networking with live DJ, Drinks & Food will be served

October 27



Get Hacking / Workshops




Continue Hacking / Workshops


Playtime: Mini Performance


Dinner /Continue Hacking


First Round Check with Mentors


Late Night Chill

October 28



Final Hacking
Push / Workshops




Crunch Time and Finishing Touches


Project Submission DEADLINE


Project Pitch and Selection


Closing & Award Ceremony


VIP Dinner

October 29

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everiToken & eNotes Berlin Meetup


The application will be closed on Sunday, October 25th at 11:59 pm Berlin Standard Time. Please keep this deadline in mind in order to avoid missing your opportunity.

We will use a rolling application process. We strongly suggest you apply at your earliest convenience, in order to maximize your chance of being selected.


We welcome blockchain geeks, professional developers, industry professionals and related investors to attend our event.


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Media Partners


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The locations will include Internet and places for relaxation and entertainment. Stay tuned for updates!

26th Oct., 6:30pm - 10:00pm, Magazin in der Heeresbäckerei: Köpenicker Str. 16/17, 10997 Berlin
27th Oct. 8:00am - 28th Oct. 8:00pm, Rent24 Co-working: Oberwallstr. 6, 10117 Berlin
29th Oct. 6:30pm - 9:00pm, Innogy Innovation hub: Friedrichstr. 95, 10117 Berlin


What is LongHash Hackathon and what can you expect from it?
LongHash Hackathon is a 2-day long Blockchain Hackathon, for both accomplished professionals and those who wish to learn more. You can expect challenging tasks as well as workshops from some of the top leaders in the industry such as eNotes, EveriToken, Cybex, and Wookong. We plan to invite top 150 blockchain professionals and developers from around the world to join us. Each team will have 2 to 5 team members. Within a weekend, each team should develop various blockchain prototypes or mashups by leveraging hardware from sponsors such as CYBEX, eNotes, Wookong, etc. Your team will learn, grow and have fun!
Does it cost anything to attend LongHash Berlin Hackathon?
LongHash Berlin Hackathon is FREE for all accepted participants. We will provide full catering, including both meals and snacks. In addition, all participants will get some ultra-cool swag. 
Where will the Hackathon be hosted?
Rent24 Co-working, Oberwallstr. 6, 10117 Berlin
What is the general structure of the Hackathon?
Developers and Hackers can form teams of 2 to 5 people. During the 2 days of the Hackathon, there will be plenty of time for you and your teammates to dive into the questions and hack it out. Also, there will be speeches and workshops from some of the most accomplished players in the Blockchain market. But it won’t be just work! There will be also be beer and networking events. Please note that the door policy will be strict.
What kind of information do I need to include in my application?
Besides your basic personal information, we will look forward to seeing your resume (PDF/Word format is preferred). If you have any other information such as your Github username, LinkedIn profile, or WeChat username, you are welcome to submit those as well!
How can I apply as a Volunteer?
Besides your basic personal information, we look forward to seeing your resume (PDF/Word format is preferred). If you have any other kind of information such as your Github username, LinkedIn profile or WeChat username, you are welcome to submit those as well!
How can I apply as a Mentor?
Mentors play an important role in helping the developers and hackers by providing feedback and guidance. Since you will be responsible for shaping future talent, you must already be an expert with a lot of experience. If you believe that you are qualified to be a mentor, please click here: https://goo.gl/forms/92ronBkRlEtUppMC3
What are the prizes?
The prizes are better than just cash rewards. They are crypto rewards! The total amount of prizes is the equivalent of up to 115 ETH. So be prepared to fight for it with your hacking skills!
Who are the judges?
The judges include market leaders and innovators from accomplished organizations. Their knowledge and expertise is beyond great!
What can we expect in terms of logistics?
LongHash will provide you with everything that you need to excel as a Hacker. We will provide all meals, snacks with drinks, so that you never run out of fuel! Accomodation, however, will not be provided. The venue will also have plenty of power sources, along with the best Internet connection available. We will make sure that you can focus on what is important, and we will take care of the rest.
What should I bring to LongHash Berlin Hackathon?
All you need to bring is your ID card, student ID, laptop, and anything else you might need.
Any more questions?
Feel free to contact us at: [email protected]


Check out our previous Hackathon in Tokyo!


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If you have any questions regarding the Hackathon or would like to join as a sponsor for the event, please contact [email protected]